Top Questions

  • When will pre-orders launch?

    Pre-orders will begin at the end of September. Stay tuned!

  • How much will the Ximmerse kit cost?

    The Ximmerse kit will cost US$149 when launched.

  • Tell me more about Ximmerse.

    A great VR experience is one that is immersive and compelling - that is what Ximmerse works to create. Ximmerse is a tech company focused on the R&amp;D of mobile visual computing. Since its establishment in January 2015, the company has been developing methods of computer vision to solve inputs for mobile VR. The company’s solution provides users with new possibilities of interacting in the virtual world. With offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Los Angeles, the company strives to create the perfect input solution for mobile VR. <p> &nbsp; </p>

  • What is the recommended space for the play area?

    We recommend a space of approximately 3x3 meters. The stereo camera’s optimal tracking distance is between 1-2 meters from the stereo camera itself but is capable of tracking up to 3 meters.

  • What powers the Ximmerse kit?

    The stereo camera can be powered by connecting it to an external battery pack or directly to a power outlet. Meanwhile, the motion controllers are powered by built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. Lastly, the LED marker draws power from your mobile phone at a very low rate.

  • What is the Ximmerse kit?

    The Ximmerse kit is an outside-in solution that adds positional tracking to VR headsets and other peripherals. It consists of a stereo camera, a pair of motion controllers with LEDs, and an LED marker that can be easily affixed onto your mobile VR headset for headset tracking.

  • Can I include space occupied by furniture for the play area?

    It is recommended that the space is free from any furniture so that you don’t bump or trip into any objects while in VR.

  • How many buttons are there on the motion controller?

    The motion controller consists of a clickable navigational touchpad, an app button, a home button, a side trigger, and a main trigger at the back.

  • When will you start shipping the kits?

    The initial batch of Ximmerse kits will be shipped in mid-October. More will come in the following months.

  • How does the Ximmerse kit work?

    The stereo camera accurately tracks the position of the LED marker on the headset so it can tell your position in 3D space. It also tracks the LEDs on the motion controllers to tell where your hands are in the virtual environment. Additionally, advanced motion sensors are placed in the controllers to precisely track fast and subtle movements of your hands. Altogether, this results in a complete VR experience that is compelling and immersive.

  • How do I reset the play area?

    Simply stand about 1 meter from the stereo camera and hit the reset button on the motion controllers while facing the stereo camera. That will reset the play area instantly.

  • Does the motion controller feature haptic feedback?

    Yes, a vibration motor is placed in each controller to provide vibration feedback that can be programmed for specific actions.

  • Where can I purchase the Ximmerse kit?

    Purchases can be made on our official store here:

  • Does the Ximmerse kit only work with mobile?

    The Ximmerse kit is optimized specially for mobile. However, it can run on PC applications as well. A separate SDK which allows development for PC applications will be released in the near future.

  • What comes in the box?

    Every Ximmerse kit comes with a stereo camera, a pair of motion controllers and an LED marker for headset tracking. The kit will also come with all the necessary cables and product guide to help you setup your hardware.

  • What is the recommended setup? Seated/standing-only?

    Both seated and standing experiences are supported. However, the key for this set up is for users/players to experience VR in a small space. That means you can peer forward, backward, or even take a step front or back, all within the play area. It is not recommended for experiences that require a lot of walking around. It is also best if the experience requires you to perform interactions while facing the stereo camera.

  • How do the devices connect and communicate with one another?

    The stereo camera transfers all computed positional data to the LED marker via a 2.4GHz wireless dongle. This data is then transferred by the LED marker to the mobile phone via USB 2.0. As for rotational data and controller button input, these data are transferred from the motion controllers directly to the mobile phone via Bluetooth LE.

  • What are the recommended system requirements?

    To use the Ximmerse kit, you will need a Samsung Gear VR headset (Innovator Edition or latest Gear VR 2) and a Samsung Galaxy S6. External battery pack wise, any battery pack is fine as long as it is at least 5000mAh with a power output of 1A.

  • Will the Ximmerse kit work with Cardboard apps?

    One of our goals is for the Ximmerse kit to be compatible with all mobile VR platforms. Currently, we highly recommend the Samsung Gear VR headset as it gives the best mobile VR experience. Couple that with a top-of-the-line Samsung phone and you get a controlled, standardized, VR experience. As Cardboard continues to evolve and the experience gets better, we will definitely push out support for Cardboard apps.

  • Where can I find out more details relating to product taxes, warranties, etc.?

    You can find out more on everything related to making your pre-order purchase on our official store at

  • Will VR apps for seated/standing-only experiences work with room-scale setup?

    As long as the headset and controllers are tracked within the play area, apps designed for seated/standing-only experiences will work with the Ximmerse kit.

  • Is it possible to use more than one stereo camera to increase the tracking area?

    At the moment, a single stereo camera is sufficient for basic gameplay. However, if you require more extensive coverage of your play space, you can definitely add on another stereo camera to increase the tracking area of your play space.

  • Are you working with any game companies or publishers?

    Our goal is to become the standard go-to peripheral for mobile VR experiences. At this point, we have distributed a number of prototypes to game developers and studios from all over the world. The feedback thus far is extremely positive and we have developers who are very excited to create content for our hardware. Upon launch, there will be at least 20 games that will be compatible with our Ximmerse kit.

  • How do you ensure that people of different height will be tracked accurately?

    To accurately track people of different height, simply adjust the height of the stereo camera before use. The correct position is to have the stereo camera just slightly above the position of the users head so that it is “looking towards” and can see the user.

  • What is the recommended play environment to obtain the best tracking experience?

    The stereo camera is robust enough to accurately track the LEDs in most environments. We recommend using the Ximmerse kit in your living room or rather anywhere else with normal lighting.

  • Can I use more than 1 Ximmerse kit simultaneously to play multiplayer games?

    Yes, of course! At the moment, you can pair up to 2 Ximmerse kits at one time to enjoy multiplayer gaming sessions with you and your friend. Each kit will then accurately track the movement of either user and you need not worry about any interference whatsoever.