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Mar 18,2016 / Lim

Virtual reality dominated the showcase at the 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC) as expected with the likes of Oculus, PlayStation VR, and many other VR hardware manufacturers making their presence felt here at the Moscone Center.

For team Ximmerse, we had every reason to be excited about as it was our first time attending GDC as an exhibitor!

As usual, we brought along our devices which consist of the X-Hawk stereo camera and X-Cobra motion controllers and provided our demos at booth # 1924.

This time round, we had a few developers who had created their content with our devices and they were there to showcase their demos at our booth too.

Zhihuijia (ZHJ) was there to showcase a demo where you move around in a house by using the X-Cobra to point-and teleport. The demo allows you to pick up and rearrange furniture, paint the walls, get up elevators and more!

The demo from ZHJ was run on the Oculus DK2 whilst using our X-Hawk and X-Cobra. Pictures of the experience after the break!

Next, we had Camille and Max from Free Form Labs carry out a demo of their app, Sketchroom on the Gear VR. The app gives you a brush/pen to create objects within the frame of a box.

You can adjust the size of your brush, change colors and save the final design of your object which was super awesome!

Finally, we had the guys from Realiteer who developed an FPS game where you shoot zombies that climb from below the grounds and giant zombies who just wanna attack you.

It sure was fun to be able to grab hold of a gun and point them at zombies, and then shoot them!

Today marks Day Two of Ximmerse at GDC 2016 and we’re really looking forward to the last day of the show. Here’s to GDC 2016!