Mar 24,2016 / XIMMERSE

March 23, 2016 – Today marks a very special day for the team. It is the day where we take our first step into Europe as team Ximmerse.

Two days back, we travelled to Paris from San Francisco where we exhibited at GDC 2016 to attend our next show, Laval Virtual 2016. Located about a 2.5 hours’ drive away from the city of Paris, we soon arrived in the little town of Laval to get prepared for the exhibition.

Laval Virtual is an international conference and exhibition on virtual technologies and its uses and runs for 5 days beginning on the 23rd till the 27th. The first three days are open only to professionals whilst the final two days are open to all. This year’s show attracted a wide variety of VR and even AR professionals to the floor. Most of the exhibitors were based in Paris, France but of course, we did see some familiar faces there too.

In the afternoon, our CBO, Mike was given the opportunity to present a speech on VR interactions which was very well received by the crowd. People started coming over to our booth to ask more questions on what really is going on in the VR market in China whilst at the same time, also curious to try out our devices.

At the show, we had a modest little booth with just two tables to showcase our devices. Coming from GDC, we showed off the same demos which consists of the Toy Bricks demo on the Gear VR and Cardboard. Being our first time in Europe, we were new to the place but so were the audience. Our booth, though little, attracted numerous VR enthusiasts, professionals, and students. They were excited to try out the devices we brought to the show!

All in, it was a great day full of fun and exciting sharing of VR experiences. We look forward to the remaining 4 days of Laval Virtual and hope to leave an everlasting impression on the people here!

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