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#SEAVR 2015: XIMMERSE in the West Coast!

Dec 01,2015 / XIMMERSE

Ximmerse was at the recent SEAVR 2015 held at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA to showcase their latest devices, the X-Hawk (stereo camera) and X-Cobra (joysticks).

During the show, the devices were showcased with the use of two demos. The first was a simple and basic demo where players were given a table of blocks to play with and build stuff out of it.

The second was a zombie shooting demo which required more interaction. Players can choose to kill zombies by either shooting them with guns, slashing them with swords or throwing them with knives. During the demo, players can also reload their guns once they run out of bullets. The entire demo focuses on providing players with an interactive and immersive experience.

It is worth noting that the devices showcased at SEAVR 2015 were still prototypes that will undergo massive optimizations and enhancements before the Dev Kits are released by end-2015. Ximmerse is also planning to launch the devices into the consumer market by Q1 2016.

Besides showcasing the X-Hawk and X-Cobra, Ian, the Supervisor for Overseas Business Development was also present to give a speech on the current state of VR in China. The speech provided a detailed insight into what is currently going on in the VR scene in China and predictions for the future Chinese VR market. The response by the crowd was really positive and many were intrigued by the VR situation in China.

The one-day event eventually came to a close by 6pm. Nevertheless, Ximmerse will continue to showcase their devices in VRX SF 2015 and Boston VR.