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#BostonVR: From the West Coast to the East Coast!

Dec 03,2015 / XIMMERSE

November 19, 2015

BOSTON, Massachusetts. –Last night, Ximmerse brought their latest mobile VR input system prototypes to the November Boston VR meetup at Cambridge Innovation Center where more than 200 VR developers and enthusiasts from around the area attended and shared their latest VR works and experiences.

It was the first time Ximmerse got engaged with VR communities in the East Coast led by Mike Bailey since he took office as CRO earlier this month. Prior to this, Mike spent 10 years at Qualcomm leading worldwide business development for Qualcomm’s computer vision business unit.

The meetup first began with speeches by Ximmerse and Nod Labs. For Ximmerse’s speech, Mike made a brief presentation that introduced the Ximmerse team as well as projects that were being worked on. The speech was followed by a casual Q&A session where questions led by the audience were answered and discussed.

Moving on to demo sessions, it began with each developer who brought along a demo being allocated a space (room) to showcase their demos. For this meetup, Ximmerse prepared a demo that showcased the robust tracking capabilities of the X-Hawk and X-Cobra. It was a fun time for both the Ximmerse team as well as the developers who showed up at the meetup.

At close to 11pm, the meetup officially came to a close where unfinished conversations were continued at a nearby bar. For more information on future Boston VR meetups, head over to http://www.meetup.com/Boston-Virtual-Reality.