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#VRX SF: Show Time!

Dec 03,2015 / XIMMERSE

SAN FRANCISCO, California Following the success of SEAVR 2015 held 2 weeks ago in Seattle, Ximmerse is now in San Francisco to showcase their latest devices, the X-Hawk stereo camera and X-Cobra joysticks at the VRX USA 2015 exhibition.

The event, hosted by VR Intelligence, is a conference and expo which takes place over 2 days and will see numerous conference sessions being held with talks given by leading industry experts and leaders. Though being hosted for the first time, VRX has drawn numerous leading VR developers and Silicon Valley VCs to the show.

During the exhibition, Ximmerse showcased a zombie shooting demo and a toy blocks demo where players use the X-Cobra joysticks to control their hands in the demo while having the attached X-Hawk stereo camera do the tracking of the joysticks. Together, the system by Ximmerse provides a 6-DOF tracking of the X-Cobra joysticks. The 2-day event saw many participants and attendants drop by Ximmerse’s booth to try out the devices.