Feb 24,2016 / Yojee

The VRLA Winter Expo brought out some of the most prominent names in VR this time round. There the likes of AMD, Samsung, Crytek, and NVIDIA just to name a few. It was very clear that VR is here to stay and this show just continues to attract enthusiasts from all over the country.

Our colleagues Mike and Emma were there too to represent team Ximmerse. Coming from CES 2016, we had new, updated devices that we showed to the enthusiasts at VRLA. The response was amazing and we gained various feedback and suggestions on how to further improve our device. Just to recap, our devices are currently still in its prototype stage but the newer version is gonna be released real soon. We take suggestions from our developers and friends very seriously and each change is gonna make the user experience that little much better!

Our next show is going to be at GDC so stay tuned for more updates on Ximmerse! We'll see you at booth #1924!