Precision Matters

The X-Hawk boasts an extra-wide FOV that is capable of providing sub-millimeter positional tracking of the drift-free X-Cobra.


Indoors or outdoors – you call the shots. With our unique system, it doesn’t matter if your environment is bright or dark. The anti-interference feature ensures that the X-Cobras are always tracked, accurately.


The Ximmerse input system comes in a small yet powerful package. Take your VR experience with you. Share it with others and amaze them with the wonderful world of VR!

Tech Talks

  • Ultra Low Latency
  • Headset Positional Tracking
  • Portable
  • Sub millimeter Accuracy
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Wireless,Mobile
  • Anti-interference
  • 120 degree FOV(Camera)
  • Long Battery Life(Controller 5hrs)
  • On-board Embedded System
  • USB 2.0
  • Open Source SDK

Compatible with

Having gone through all feedback and comments from our wonderful friends, we are now ready to present you with our mobile VR solution. Whether you are a gaming corporation, studio, or indie developer, we are here for you.