Single motion, multi-function.

The 3-DOF kit consists of one single motion controller for quick and easy interactions.It is your wireless mobile VR mouse, your virtual hands in VR!

Extremely affordable.

The 3-DOF controllers allow users to point and navigate in VR.
It’s drift free rotational tracking, highly precise with low latency and extremely affordable that ready for mass production.

A new interaction style for the future.

Your finger is knowable by the touch pad, you could choose the menu in VR content by slide on the touch pad, and your finger tip is the arrow of the controller, point and selet the object you want by simply touch and click.

Size 122mm x 37mm x 26mm
Weigh 50g
Latency 15ms
Compatable Samsung Galaxy S6/ Note 5/ Galaxy A8, Oppo R7/R9, Vivo X5 Pro/X6S, Huawei Mate8/Mate9/Maimang/Honor/Head. Xiaomi Mi 5S, OnePlus 3T, HTC 10, Moto Z, LG V20, Sony XZ
Battery capacity AAA Battery x2
Battery duration 40 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth