Ximmerse has emerged as a leader in the exciting and fast-paced computer vision technology space.


The company’s focus is on low-cost mass-market Augmented Reality technology and products that make interacting with the world around us more fun and interesting.

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Real activity simulation through super flexible interactive MR system

An all-new mixed reality system

The Rhino X mixed reality system is made up of the Rhino X standalone headset and X-Tag based inputs.


Add robust 6DOF tracking to any object by simply attaching an X-Tag to it. 


Teleport away and join other users in shared spaces as soon as you put on Rhino X! No complex setups required!


This ultra wide lens offers a wider space to let you see and carry out more complex two-handed interactions naturally.

Other MR headsets FOV

Rhino X FOV

Detachable Battery

Never run out of juice with our modular battery component on Rhino X. No battery? Just swap another unit in!